Dragons Roost 

Create + Evolve

Dragons Roost is a community fostered by creative spaces to live, learn, hang out, create, and work in. It is for people who want to claim their inner power, and take full responsibility for their effect on the world around them. We are creating a world in which we can thrive.

Dragons Roost has several locations. The landing place for new members is The Portal in downtown Berea. Here you can learn some basic skills, and use the space individually or for groups or events. Sunday night fires are a good time to come check it out.

Essential weekly events include:

Tuesdays 5-7  Reclaim your Power: Relationship Practices

Saturdays 10-12  Reclaim your Power: Energy Skills

Sundays 5-7  Fire & Stone Soup

A variety of other events may be offered or requested as needed by members

All kinds of folks are welcome. We don't do hatred, polarizing talk, power-over, discrimination, or blind prejudice. When we find those traits in ourselves, we work on it.

The membership fee is $40/month if you have the money. If you don't, you can find other ways to contribute.

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