Dragons Roost 

Create + Evolve

The Birth of Dragons Roost

Dragons Roost was founded by Joanna Juzwik in 2020, the culmination of 48 years of living and learning about community and healing. After 23 years participating in various communities around Berea, Kentucky, she created the business as a framework for fostering healthy community among folks wanting a higher quality of life than the cultural mainstream offers, and willing to taking responsibility for the effect they are having on the world around them, rather than expecting others to fix things.

Her years in community settings taught her a good deal. She noticed that most communities fail in predictable ways, and started taking notes. She noticed her own patterns that disrupted relationships and happiness, and began the lifelong trek of self-healing and awareness. Additionally, she pursued training in energy healing and expanded perception, allowing her to notice what was going on at other levels, in people and in society.

Dragons Roost is an ever-evolving effort to create community that is healthier, merrier, and more sustainable than what we've inherited. The problems we experience in our local communities and households are the same problems wrecking the human world at large. If we want a better society, then we actually have to DO it, starting here and now.

Some key points include

- A foundation in the Oneness of all life, and respect for all living things

- Reclaiming our own power; ending power-over and dependency practices

- Personal growth and self-awareness to maintain community

- Regular spirit-nurturing practices: drumming, dancing, ritual, ceremony

- Emphasis on individual heath and DIY healing practices

- Support for low-income living

- Ways to get extra support (tangible + emotional) when we need it, such as in difficult times or raising children

- Practices that allow folks with trauma, introversion, and anxiety, to feel comfortable, and that prevent trauma-reactions from undermining community life

- No polarizing dialogue. We stay on each others' team: love + honesty

Since thriving community must be rooted in the Earth, Dragons Roost is set up as a management organization for various community spaces, offering event, creative, and business space, as well as flexible housing, as such spaces become available. It is a membership-based organization to help with clarity, expectation, and safeguarding the community. Donations are welcome!