Dragons Roost 

Create + Sustain + Evolve

Community Practices

Why? (1) Create a collective safe-energy space that makes deep growth and healing possible

(2) A map for reclaiming your power.

Choose your level of engagement depending on how fast you want to see change in your life.

You are responsible for monitoring yourself, but ask for support if you want it.


Unconditional Love. To love means to see the true beauty and light in each person, including yourself. Unconditional means you love someone regardless of what they are doing for you, what social categories they fit into, or their degree of closeness to you. Graciously take and give space as needed, with clear communication. Kindness and compassion are natural expressions of love; so are honesty and strong boundaries.

Empowering Relationships. Our relationships empower us to stay true to our own paths. We do not own each other. We want each other to thrive. Use your own energy rather than taking from others. Carry your own burdens until you are ready to heal. Maintain good energy boundaries with others, holding your own energy in your space, and keeping others' energy out.

Inclusiveness. When in group settings, maintain awareness of the group dynamic and being a part of the group, rather than automatically pairing or sub-grouping with your buddies. Stay open to connection with everyone.


Respect for All Living Beings. We recognize that the Earth and all her residents (human, animal, plant, rock, water, etc.) are living beings with their own wills. Therefore we treat all beings with reverence, love, and respect. Many beings do not speak using our language. Learn to listen and communicate using expanded awareness. Ask permission before physical engagement with another being. Neither consciously do nor allow harm to another.

Respect for All Parts of Ourselves. Our bodies are part of the Earth, and we treat our own and others’ bodies with the same reverence, love, and respect. Be mindful of what you put on or in your body, knowing that when you wear or consume toxins or toxic amounts of a substance, it affects yourself, others, and the Earth.

Our spirits, minds, and pysches also have their own voices and needs. Learning to listen to them is the foundation of health.

Attraction & Sexuality (teens and adults). If you feel drawn to someone in particular, please own it and freely reach out to that person. You probably have something to learn from that person, that will help with your journey. Honesty about attraction allows both parties to make a conscious choice about whether to act on it, and keeps the energy between you free of repressed yearning.

Sex and romance are appropriate after a relationship of unconditional love has been established. Those things may then come and go without loss of love. Avoid sexual fantasizing about people: it ties up yours and their energy outside your bodies. Healthy sex is for rejuvenation of the body and spirit, not the mind. Sex should be free of demands or expectations; we don't own each other's bodies. It should be never be engaged in if it doesn't feel right.


Authority & Power. We never want to force our will on others (power-over), nor do we pretend that others have power over us. We respect each person’s authority about what they need to do or not do at any moment. Exercise your own power by speaking your truth and by letting your inner guide dictate your own actions. Encourage others to do the same.

Integrity. We take responsibility for every word, action, and energy we put out into the world. Be honest. Keep your word. Do your work well. Live impeccably.

If you need to change an agreement you have with someone, communicate about it before you make a change. When you screw up, apologize as soon as you are able. Apologize to people you have hurt in the past: keep it simple, with no response required. No matter how long ago, it will still clear the energy and lighten your load.

Personal Growth. We are not meant to be perfect. The process of evolution involves mistakes and constant learning. It is more like a dance than a linear progression. Each individual has a unique pace and process of growth.

To keep things lively and to take responsibility for yourself, seek out ways to learn and grow all the time. Don't wait for other people to force you to it. When an issue you need to grow on feels overwhelming, get help. Be open with others about issues you are working on, and enlist them to help remind you as needed.


Be real. We aim to be 100% real with each other, so that our community is grounded in reality, not projection or guesswork. Love requires being honest with each other, so that we can grow into our best selves. Let your honesty rise from love, and be gracious. You have something to learn from others as well as something to teach.

Speech and confidentiality. Speak from your heart. Speak simply. Leave room for others to speak. Practice discerning what needs to be shared or not shared at any given moment. Deal with your people problems directly instead of gossiping and complaining. If you have advice to offer, ask if the person wants advice first. Observe confidentiality when appropriate.

Silence. You are welcome to be present here in conscious silence. Silence can allow you to stay in a deeper zone, to practice awareness, or just to feel more at ease.