Dragons Roost 

Create + Sustain + Evolve


Dragons Roost is a happily inclusiveness organization: diversity is more interesting and helps us grow. Members can be of any age, gender, appearance, class, race, background, or style. Children and other dependent members must come with an adult member who agrees to hold the child or dependent responsible to fulfill requirements. Teenagers are considered independent members.

Members commit to learn and follow the Community Practices.

Individual Membership. Teen (13+) and adult members pay $40/month in dues if their income is above the federal poverty guidelines.* Non-paying members may contribute in other ways to the community and its places.

Business Membership. Dragons Roost supports people in using their creative energy to become financially self-sustaining. Members may start or operate businesses using the community spaces. $100/month.

If members fail to take responsibility for these requirements, membership will be revoked, with no refund of dues. We never sacrifice safe, functional community for the inappropriate behavior patterns of an individual who is unwilling to change and grow.

* Federal poverty guidelines/household size: $12k/one ($1000/mo), $17k/two ($1400/mo), $21k/three ($1800/mo), $26k/four ($2200/mo)